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Comments and Moderation Policy

All comments are welcome and we aim to publish all of them, whether positive or negative. But remember they are subject to the Civil Service Code and the Cabinet Office social media guidance. We won’t publish comments which are in breach of these.


When posting comments, please observe our site participation guidelines:

  • Be respectful of others who use this site
  • Stay on topic
  • Keep comments concise
  • Do not use language that is offensive, inflammatory or provocative (this includes, but is not limited to, unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, racially offensive, or otherwise objectionable comments)
  • Do not break the law (this includes libel, condoning illegal activity and contempt of court)
  • Do not spam or flood this site. Do not post the same comment to more than one conversation or more than once.
  • Do not use this site for party political purposes (this site is paid for with public money so it’s inappropriate to engage in party-political activity)
  • Do not post personal information in comments such as addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses or other online contact details, which may relate to you or other individuals
  • Do not impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or an organisation. This includes adopting an inappropriate user name.
  • Do not attempt to log on using another user’s account
  • No advertising. We can only accept posts that are your own opinion. We will remove posts where which purely plug or promote commercial products or services without containing material which enhances the subject matter.
  • Do not make any commercial endorsement or promotion of any product, service or publication not relevant to the discussion
  • Only include suitable URLs in your recommendation. Links to websites we consider unsuitable will be removed. If you are considering including a URL, please make sure that it adds value and interest.
  • Unsuitable sites are those with racist material, pornographic or sexually explicit material, potentially defamatory material, anything which encourages illegal activities, material which infringes copyright or sites which may offend our users.
  • If you are aged 16 or under, please get the permission of your parent or guardian before participating. Users without this consent are not allowed to participate.


Blog comments are pre-moderated to check they comply with the SFA Digital blog participation guidelines above. If comments do not comply they will not be published.

Freedom of Information

This blog is to inform and encourage discussions around the transformation of digital services at the Education & Skills Funding Agency, but it is not for FOI requests. You can direct these to

Please note that the contents of this blog, including the comments section, may be subject to release under the Freedom of Information Act. In the event of disclosure however, personal data of staff under Senior Civil Service (SCS) level will potentially be redacted and comments anonymised. So do please comment freely.