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Passing the public beta assessment

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Well, the Apprenticeship Applications exemplar has now been given official approval to go into public Beta after passing the GDS service assessment last week.

It’s been a challenging couple of months; as well as preparing for the assessment, we’ve also been working hard to take the Find an Apprenticeship application into public Beta (operational service) in early December.

A huge focus for us was the assisted digital element of the service and ensuring that we base our assisted digital support on user needs.

User testing happens every Tuesday (Testing Tuesdays) which ensures that we test every iteration of the transaction, analyse the feedback and then add it to the product backlog.

The user researchers have been particularly busy testing our service with people who have an assisted digital need. This is a pretty small need for our target audience; we have found assisted digital needs in only 5% of our users.  This is because our target audience, primarily, 16-24 year olds are 97% digitally literate.  Despite this, it is hugely important that these needs are serviced via this exemplar.

Product Manager Angela Scale has worked with our call centre team to ensure assisted digital needs are met. She’s making sure that there are people on hand to help those unable to use our digital service.  Our User Research team have been working with users to identify assisted digital needs, using personas and the digital inclusion scale to validate the user needs.

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