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How does Agile stop people from making things up?

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We recently ran a giant retrospective at Skills Funding Agency. We invited everyone to come along to tell us what was working well and what needed improvement. We asked people to tell us what puzzles them about agile and the changes that are happening in their teams. We asked as they remembered to take a moment and post a thanks where someone helped them or made their day.

After lots of discussion and sticky notes our Chief Digital Officer gave out three voting dots to everyone. People were free to use these to vote for the things they wanted us to improve in 2015.  We published the results late in December, and one of the voted for topics has been on my mind over the holiday season. Albeit in the back grinding away.

How does Agile stop people from making things up?

After some thought and peer discussion I've come to the conclusion it doesn't stop people making things up.

"Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done."

Trust means we often support people trying things they haven't tried before. To deliver stuff or solve problems or innovate or be better or go faster.  Agile doesn't stop people from making things up, instead it nurtures and encourages it.

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