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A retrospective, retrospective - what should be covered?

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As part of continuous improvement within Agile teams, retrospectives are held at the end of each sprint. In these meetings we get a chance to discuss what went well and badly, and agree some actions needed to improve things.

I recently facilitated my first solo retrospective, without the assistance of a senior delivery manager.

In preparation for this I:

  1. Set up the Trello board on the projector
  2. Revisited actions from the last retro
  3. Had a whiteboard ready to track the post-it notes,
Going well Not going well Actions


The structure was as follows:

  • Actions from previous sprint revisited to see if they had been met or needed to be carried forward
  • Review objective of the sprint to see if it had been met and discuss any user stories that had not been completed and why (there were none)
  • Give the team time to note what they felt was working well or not working well, and add them to the board
  • Go through the good and the bad, and note any actions needed to improve ways of working

The session went extremely well. All participants had their say and the session was actually fun, even when we were discussing things that needed improving. After the session I filled in the retrospective template and shared it with the team via the team site.

I have previously used a similar approach to this known as Glad - Mad - Sad and the structure is pretty much the same.

My question this week is does anyone cover anything else in retrospectives that I may wish to include?

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    Lots of different retro ideas here