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2015 in SFA Digital

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2015 has been a busy year for the SFA Digital team. Here are just a few of the blog posts we've shared over the last 12 months.


User Research cartoon - hannahUsing cartoons to bring user research to life

How using cartoons to illustrate user journeys in a more personal way,  helped stakeholders to identify with users.


Measure-Learn-Build Minimum viable serviceWhy we start with a minimal viable service – it’s not the end game!

How developing a minimum viable service gave us the biggest “bang for our buck”: maximum learning with minimal effort.


Find an apprenticeshipMy software development apprenticeship at the SFA

Our then apprentice (now permanent team member), blogged about his experience working as a Apprentice Developer at the SFA. We've since taken on two more apprentices.


Ready for Live: Find an Apprenticeship

Our Find an apprenticeship exemplar went live in March 2015.

ICT infrastructure - Skills Funding AgencyMoving legacy services to the cloud

How the SFA's cloud first policy is saving costs by allowing us to pay only for what we use, and reducing the investment needed to maintain our legacy infrastructure.


Benefits of YammerYammer time!

At the SFA we've been using Yammer for over a year. We look at the benefits and challenges of establishing a Yammer network.


andromeda-galaxy-1096858_640It’s worse than that…It’s an Alpha, Jim!

Using a tenuous Star Trek analogy to look at how the alpha stage of development helps to de-risk a project.


Planning burn-up chartDelivery Manager diary: I got the job

Piers was seconded into a Delivery Manager role in January. In June, he got the job!



Digital championsCreating a Digital Champions network at the SFA

Digital Champions are key to helping staff across an organisation understand that digital by default affects them, and that everyone has a stake in digital transformation.



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