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Why in a time when change is constant is it so important to create stability for our users?

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Agile cycle. Requirements, design, develop, test, deploy, review

Making accurate payments to providers and employers is a key aim of the Apprenticeship Service and a key user need to address. Gary Tucker, Deputy Director at the Apprenticeship Service, talks about how the Service has created very accurate payments and built a capability to ensure apprentices are given the opportunities they deserve.

Data, chat bots and AI: how we transformed support in the apprenticeship service

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mobile phone displaying the apprenticeship service web chat box on screen

In part 2 of their blog, the apprenticeship service support team look at service transformation and a 'digital by default' model. They also explain how this model enabled them to respond to the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Scaling up the Apprenticeship assessment service

A Product Manager and two of her team discussing the launch of the API in front of a whiteboard

Angela Scale is one of the ESFA’s Product Managers in the Apprenticeship Service. Angela talks about how the launch of an application programming interface (API) for end-point assessment organisations will support the service as it grows.

Getting real-time feedback from apprentices

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We want to find out how well apprenticeships are working for apprentices. Industry moves fast and we want to make sure apprenticeships move with the times, and remain relevant and effective. But how? We’re starting by getting real-time feedback from apprentices …